crossENHANCE offers a range of tailored services that are built upon the concepts of Person-Centred Performance and Human Capital.  The offer consists of one-to-one and group interventions specifically focussed on enhancing the individual and collective capacity to contribute to health and wellbeing and organisational success.


Stress Managment​


- Maximising Resilience

- Minimising Risk

- Identifying Warning Signs

- Remedial Interventions




- Identifying Causal Factors

- Strengths and Weaknesses

- Developing a Plans for Action

- Addressing the Role of Avoidance

- Supported Reintegration 

- Strategies for Relapse Prevention


- Developing Insight
- Optimising Performance

- Identifying Barriers to Success

- Profiting from Feedback



- Developing Core Skills

- Building on Social Capital
- Optimising Person-

   Centred Performance



- Developing Insight

- Clarifying Personal Challenges

- Exploring Alternatives

- Making Plans for Change

- Doing Things Differently

Articles & Books