Stress Management and Burnout



Maximising wellbeing and achieving optimal performance.

Group Interventions


At group level, seminars and workshops address the causes and consequences of stress.  


All training packages are tailored to the particular needs of an organisation and draw upon a range of empirically validated strategies for managing stress.  


Workshops, whilst being collaborative and sensitive to the individual, have a strong focus on taking personal responsibility for shaping your working practices and enviroment.  In addtion, strategies for minimising the risk of burnout are taught and practiced with in sessions.   

Working with Individuals


Stress management at an individual level is bespoke and targeted, while being founded on the core elements of the group programme. 


After initial assessment, work is focused on identifying the precipitating factors leading to distress and burnout.  This work often explores the spiralling negative consequences of avoidance. 

Progress is achieved through agreeing a range of unique measureable goals and identifying strategies to acheived these.   Progress toward goals is evaluated on an on going a basis and also at conclusion of the intervention and at follow-up.